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Esca artificiale Soft Swimbaits: ROLLER GUN 6.3 - Pike Addict

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These GUNKI PIKE ADDICT soft baits have all the elements needed to fool even the biggest of pike! The plastic used is very resistant and resonates the moment it hits the water giving off vibrations that emulate big prey fish moving. These vibrations coupled with the look of the lure will pull pike in from a long way off. A large slit in the stomach of each lure means that despite their size they are still light so you can slow down your retrieves at

any moment but still keep gentle tail vibrations going. Use these lures with a GUNKI PIKE ADDICT head coupled with a 6/0 hook for optimum lure hold and hooking positioning.

If you need to generate strong vibrations to get a take try a ROLLER GUN to increase that vibration attraction!


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6.3 / 16cm 30 3
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